Warning Label

Huge. Smooth. Hoppy as fuck.

10% ABV.

2L $22
1L $12

Double Orange Ale

Citra single-hop. No oranges harmed.

7.5% ABV.

2L $19
1L $10.50

Riddle of Steel

Crush your enemies!

7%  ABV

2L $18
1L $10

Hoppy Fingers

Hoppy APA

4.8% ABV

2L $16
1L $9

Exile on North Street

West coast IPA.

6.5% ABV

2L $17
1L $9.50

Twelve Years to Zion

San Diego-style DIPA.

8% ABV

2L $18
1L $10

We’ll fill any one-litre or two-litre growlers (except the tall bottle-style ones), as long as they’re clean.

Our 1 L snarls are $6, and 2 L growlers $9. You buy ’em and keep ’em: we don’t do that deposit bullshit.

Kegs (with or without hand-pumps) are available for those who need a supply on tap at all times at home (or for parties, whatever).