Finally! Hoodies!


We’re finally ready to sell you a hoodie. You asked; we discussed, postponed, put off, procrastinated, sent some emails, and finally got our fucking shit together.

The first run will be no more than 50, and if there are subsequent runs the design will be changed a bit (or a lot) so you’ll always be able to point at yours and say “*I* got in early, motherfuckers!” (or however you want to diss the latecomers). They’re going to be made in Canada by Ironhead Clothing ( of Toronto, and Ironhead doesn’t fuck around with quality (all three of your fave brewery owners have been wearing their hoodies for years). Heavy black 50/50 zip-front hoodie with rockered “UNFILTERED” on the back, the logo you all love right over your heart (of course) and “Halifax, NS” on the right sleeve. All the appliqués are stitched-on felt (very old school).

These things ain’t cheap, and we’re not ordering until we hit our minimum to make the order. You’ll need to put half down, too, so we don’t get screwed by deadbeats.

$138 including HST. Sizes small to 2X.