Cask Days


If you’re going to be in Toronto next weekend, you can taste Twelve Years to Zion and Flat Black Jesus at Cask Days. (There’ll be a couple of hundred other beers, too, and some will probably be pretty decent, so get on it!)

Get yourself All Falc’d Up, baby!


Available Friday at noon: All Falc’d Up DIPA SMaSH. Two-row malt and Falconer’s Flight hops make for another delicious tropical-fruit hop-bomb reminiscent of the sadly-departed and much-lamented DOA. You’ll be falc’d up before you know what’s happening.That’s right. 7.5% ABV 100+ IBU 15 SRM Get on it!

Hop Riot!


Our Hop Riot India Red Ale was released Friday. It’s Nash’s first single-varietal fresh-hopped beer, made with 272 kg (that’s right, 272, not 27.2) worth of Centennial. We try to keep things as local as we can at Unfiltered, and we were very happy to find that the Maritime Hop Growers Cooperative could provide all… Read More»

Double Orange Ale!


Our latest speciality, Double Orange Ale SMaSH (single malt and single hop) will hit the tap at noon sharp on Friday, September 4. It contains NO oranges! (Does red ale contain reds? No, it doesn’t. So orange ale doesn’t have to contain oranges.) It does, however, contain a boatload of citrus-y hop flavour and just… Read More»

It’s getting fucking hot out!


Our first seasonal hits the store tomorrow at noon! Daytimer, a 3.4% ABV kettle-soured Berliner Weisse dry-hopped with plenty of Mosaic for a serious kick of tropical fruit. Get the fuck on it!

Gluten-free? Gluten-reduced? What the fuck?


We can’t call our Exile on North Street IPA “gluten free”, because it’s not gluten-free (please see Health Canada’s position here). We use Clarity-Ferm to reduce the level of gluten in the beer to less than five PPM, and we test every batch to make sure. We’ve given it to people who haven’t had beer… Read More»

We named our tanks!


We’ve heard a lot of breweries name their tanks these days, and we don’t want to be left out! Above, you’ll see Nash and Rick Sorensen Young of DME discussing some slight modifications of the piping on The Fucking Brew Kettle. If you want to figure out the names of any of the vessels at… Read More»

The Long and Winding Road…


…is a shitty fucking song. I hate the Beatles. You’ll never hear them at any place I’ve got anything at all to do with. Anyway, back on the topic: How did we get here? It’s all about Nash. In March 2003, I was downtown and I had some time to kill. I knew there was… Read More»

Join the Fucking Club!


I guess I should be careful with a title like that, eh? I mean, it’s important to put the emphasis on the right word. This is some info about the fucking club: our growler club. There’ll be three levels of membership in the club (which we haven’t named yet; I’m always just gonna call it… Read More»